Presents: what men like

Why do we give gifts? This is the question that a lot of people cannot answer. Generally speaking, a gift is given to show appreciation and also affection. It has been customary for people to give and to receive gifts. Both men and women like to give and receive gifts. However, women are more expressive on what they like. Men are just silent creatures around the corner. So let us look on the most common occasions or events where we can give men gifts and also it is necessary to know what they want to receive from us.

The first occasion that is very important for men is their birthday. They may not be very expressive about it but just like women they want to celebrate their existence in this world. It is necessary to give birthday gifts for him and because he treats this day as the most important one so you need to choose something that is worth it. A lot of women give expensive gifts like watches or maybe something that he really likes. On Christmas day, you also need to give your man a present. Choose something that he really likes or something that he has been wishing for, although it does not need to be as expensive as his birthday present. If the guy is already a father, do not forget to give him something for father’s day. You can just prepare a simple card or give him a gift certificate in a famous spa. Dad will appreciate if you remember him on that day.


There are occasions that we still give gifts to guys however the gravity of giving gifts is not really high. For example, on the heart’s day or Valentine’s Day, the tradition that people follow is men give gifts to women but women can always reciprocate the gesture by giving gifts back. You can also give cookies or chocolates to men to show that you appreciate the act. Men are generally egoistic and full of pride. So if they get a promotion or recognition, praise them and give them a present. You can go for something personal or customize something to congratulate him for a job well done. If a man is engaged to be married, give him a stag party. Rent a room and buy some drinks. This may not be something that is tangible but that person will surely not forget the last few days of being single. And when he finally gets married, you can give him and his wife a present, likewise if they are expecting their first child.

Gift giving should always come from the heart. There are not rules as to when should we give presents and what presents to give. You can even buy something even if there is no occasion at all. The gesture of preparing something for a friend or for a loved one matters a lot. As what the cliche says, ‘it is the thought that counts.’

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