How Men Can Look Creative Yet Stylish In Summer

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To really look your stylish best this summer, look into some of this summer’s more popular male summer fashion styles:

The middle ground to dressy and casual
Most men view their closet into dressy for weekdays and casual for weekends, but in truth, there are middle grounds to this dual view – the dressy casual and the casual dressy
– Dressy casual
Begin with your dressy basics — a traditional blazer or a two- or three-piece suit, a classic dress shirt, and tie — and then loosen it up a little. Remove the tie for an open-neck look or change it for a scarf. Wear loafers instead of the lace-ups. It is all about bringing formal clothing down a peg.
– Casual dressy
Begin with your casual basics — chinos or shorts, a polo shirt, custom t-shirt, loafers or slip-ons — and deck it up a little. Top it with a blazer or even a vest and change the polo to a button-down shirt. Remove the sneakers and slip on suede bucks. It’s all about bringing the weekend norms to a higher level.

sweat tee

The printed short-sleeved shirt
Young and fashionable designers see the short sleeved shirt as an essential for summer. And even if it is a summer shirt, it is best trim, neat and tucked in pants and best worn outside the office. To spruce up the short-sleeved dress shirt, why not try it with patterns and prints. Ethnic prints like ikat from Central Aisa, kente from Africa and paisley prints from India and the summer favorite camo are only some ways of wearing short sleeve shirts with panache.

The summer leather jacket
For sure, a leather jacket is classic, but this summer’s leather jacket is not the bulky variety, but the soft, buttery, exceptionally thin, perforated kind that embraces you like a second skin. The perforation makes the jacket a lot lighter and let your skin breathe.

The sun faded or sea-washed look
The hot look this summer is that washed out look on denims, chinos or polos. Remember that special denims you’ve been wearing for years that have acquired a certain patina of washed out salt kissed or “sitting in the sun for years” color.

Socks are also an important part of men’s wardrobe . So here are some tips you should learn  while looking for socks.Many men are not concerned on the kinds of socks they wear. The factors considered include weight, color and the patterns that are used.

First consider the length of the socks. There are socks that are going to reach at the ankle, below or above the ankle, at the knee or other places. The length of the socks in men is determined by the occasion and the dressing mode to be adapted. The color of the socks is also an important factor that you should consider. Choose color that pleases you.

Choose the weight of the socks depending on the function you require it for. Socks that you are going to use in the field would require being tough since they will be exposed to a lot of friction when you are playing. Thick socks tend to be tough while thin socks are mostly less strong.

Some male socks are purposely for certain events. For instance, there are socks that are used purposely for athletics. These are long socks normally white or gray in color. They have different patterns put on them. The socks are purposely for athletics and are not supposed to be worn for other purposes.

When wearing blue jeans, wear blue socks. White thick socks are suitable when they are worn with white jeans. When you are intending to wear shorts, avoid socks. People in shorts look smart without socks. Sandals are also good when worn without socks. Use thin socks when you are wearing slacks and socks that are of the same color with the color of the pants that you are wearing. For instance, wear black with black pants and khaki with khaki pants. Wear dress socks when you are wearing dress shoes. The dress socks slip easily in the shoes. This prevents the feet from slipping off from your shoe.